The Four Year Old Program

Picture of Four Seasons Daycare Center's four year old

Four year old classroom at Four Seasons Daycare Center

The Four Year Old Program, at Four Seasons Daycare is designed to challenge preschoolers by building and expanding on their interests, using authentic learning experiences that are meaningful and real to them. Our warm, loving and attentive teachers intrigue young investigators to actively explore the world and make standards-based learning fun! Teachers help students navigate through many learning concepts over all areas of social, emotional, physical and cognitive development.

Our classrooms are set up in learning centers, to facilitate a wide array of learning experiences. Students can pretend in the Housekeeping Center, build in the Block Center, discover in the Science Center, relax in the Reading Center or create in the Art Center. Teachers encourage cooperative learning and group activities, as well as independent thinking and self discovery.

In addition to using our High Reach Learning curriculum in this classroom, teachers in our Four Year Old Program are certified to teach “Al’s Pals”, a character-development program, to help children make positive, healthy choices in life. If you are interested in learning more, please contact the director to arrange for a tour. For additional information regarding the Four Year Old Preschool Program’s curriculum please visit High ReachLearning.