Our Director - Debbie Gillespie

Picture of Four Seasons Daycare Center's Director - 
		Ms. Debbie

Our Director - Ms. Debbie

The director of Four Seasons Daycare is Debbie Gillespie. Ms. Debbie has her B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus in Elementary Education from Old Dominion University and brings many years of experience to Four Seasons, having worked in the childcare industry as either a teacher or director from September of 1988 until today. Ms. Debbie is married, has three grown children and has worked as a director at this center since 1999.

Debbie has worked diligently over the years and has dedicated her life to furthering the premise that a high-quality early childhood education program is essential and provides the foundation necessary for young children to be prepared and succeed long-term in school. Her love for children and commitment to helping the families in our community makes her a tremendous asset to our center and a wonderful resource for our staff and parents.

As the director of Four Seasons, Ms. Debbie oversees the entire operation of our childcare facility from curriculum, classroom and program development, to staff management and training, to family relations and community resource acquisitions, to student placement, assessments and individual education plans. Her door is always open and she prides herself in being available whenever needed.