Scholastic Book Clubs

Reading aloud is so important and an integral part of every child’s day at Four Seasons Daycare. Teachers in each classroom, schedule time for reading daily, as they understand that strong research suggests that this one simple activity is the best way to prepare children for learning to read and to keep them reading as they learn and grow. Reading aloud helps children develop the language skills that they will use in school and throughout their lives.

In addition to the academic benefits, reading aloud at home creates a special time for you to bond with your child, cuddle together as you share adventures, laugh at silly characters, root for heroes, and wag your fingers at villains. Of course, at the same time you are bonding, you'll also be helping your child develop a lifelong appreciation for reading.

To support this important concept, Four Seasons, in partnership with Scholastic Books, offers inexpensive and age-appropriate books, which are simple to purchase. Just follow the link below, make your selections and your order will be delivered directly to the daycare for you to take home and share with your child in a few short days. As a bonus, every time you place an order on line, the center receives a free book for your child’s classroom!

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