Virginia Star Quality Initiative

A Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) is a method to assess, improve and communicate the level of quality in early care and education settings that families consider for their children. The Virginia Star Quality Initiative not only defines standards for early childhood education and creates a framework for accountability, but it also establishes a network of support and outreach for programs and providers, provides incentives linked to achieving and maintaining quality standards, and improves information available to parents.

Finding and accessing high quality child care can be a challenge. The Virginia Star Quality Initiative was created to provide a consistent way to distinguish the level of quality in early education programs, allowing you to make more informed choices. Early learning providers who participate in this completely voluntary program are provided with a way to continually improve the quality of their services.

The quality rating and improvement system (QRIS) for early childhood providers awards programs one of five star levels of increasing quality. But the rating is only the first step of the QRIS process. After receiving a rating, programs are given tools to improve their quality through mentoring and other assistance.

Participation and the award of a one-star or higher rating reflects a program’s choice to raise the bar in commitment to quality beyond expectation or requirement.

A program with a star rating:

  • is on a quality improvement path
  • distinguishes itself for exceeding standards required of it
  • assures parents of its focus on producing a high quality experience for children; and
  • reflects a culture of commitment to excellence among staff.

This user friendly rating is a powerful consumer education tool informing you about quality as you consider options for your child’s earliest learning experiences. The aforementioned information was extrapolated from the Smart Beginning website. Please follow the link below to visit Smart Beginnings, for a more detailed explanation of the Virginia Star Quality Initiative.